Structure with folders

Using folders in Knowly

This article describes how organise your Knowly plattform better

By using the folders function, you can structure your learning journeys in the organization. This is a feature for you with the role of administrator with the aim of making it easier to navigate among your learning journeys.

To create a new folder, click on create folder on the left and name the folder, then click save. You then need to move selected learning journeys to the folder you just created. 

Hold the mouse pointer over the program you want to move โ†’ click the checkbox to the left of the name โ†’ click "move to" and select the folder you want the learning journey to be moved to.

Archive Learning journeys 

By archiving learning journeys, you can easily keep track of which learning journeys are active in the organization. Click on the arrow to the right of the journey you want to archive. In the list, select "archive". You will then see a green banner at the top of your screen confirming that you have archived the learning journey.