Settings in your organisation

Settings in your organisation

This article describes your settings in your Knowly organisation

Your organization has a number of settings that you can change. You must be an administrator to change the settings. To view the organization's settings, click the Organize โ†’ Settings.

Under the "General" tab in settings you will find:

  • Organization name - The name of your organization (suggested company name). Appears on invitation to new users and in templates for micro training.
  • Identifier - The name of your Knowly account. The name used when logging in to the organization
  • Organizational language - Choose which language your content you create in micro-trainings / informational text should be (affects  templates).
  • Default invitation medium- Choose how participants get their send-outs delivered. This can also be adjusted specifically for each participant group and learning journey.
  • Logo - You can easily upload your own logo in image format. The logo is then displayed at the top left. 

Under the tab "Email theme" you will find:

  • Primary Color - Specifies the color of buttons and text links. A recommendation is to use your company color. 
  • Logo width in pixels - Specifies the size of the logo in the email sent from Knowly. For best results, use a logo whose original width is at least double the width you choose.
  • Preview - shows what emails sent from your Knowly organization will look like.

Settings in your profile

You can change your contact information and password for your profile by clicking on your name at the top right.