How to invite new administrators and what roles exist in Knowly

Invite admins to Knowly

This article describes how to invite new admins to Knowly

There are different roles in your Knowly organization. These roles determine permissions for each user. Overall, your organization in Knowly consists of three different types of roles, ie three (3) different types of users.

Under the tab organize, you will find the different types of users that exist in the organization. There are no limits to how many users that can have each role.


  • Administrator, full access to everything and all learning journeys in the organization. Can edit content, create new learning journeys and specify a trainer / admin other than himself or herself as responsible for a specific group of participants.
  • Trainer, can view and create their own groups of participants, but can neither edit content nor create new learning journeys. As a trainer, you have full access to the statistics view in the learning journeys that you have been assigned to be a trainer in. You can schedule new mailings, receive responses from participants, take out reports and administer participants. You only see the learning journey that are assigned to you, but you can not see any material from other learning journeys in the organization.
  • Participants, participate in learning journeys and materials created and scheduled by an administrator or trainer. Participants can change information about their profile and can also delete their account from the organization.

Invite new administrators

Only administrators can invite new administrators and trainers to the organization. This is done by clicking on organize โ†’ administrators โ†’ invite new ... (top right). You can now fill in contact information for the person to be invited. As an administrator, you can also change each user's role and remove them completely from the organization.

What happens next? 

Administer participants in the organization

All participants added to a participant group are saved in the organization under the tab organize โ†’ users. Here, an administrator / trainer can add new, delete and edit participants.

Here you will also find information about when each participant was added and was most recently active in a learning journey.