Add participants manually

Add participants manually

This article describes how to add participants manually

Once you have created your learning journey, it's time to invite your group of participants. The participant group is the group you want to take part in the learning journey you have created in Knowly.

To invite a new group of participants, click on the button on the right, which says "invite group of participants"

Name your participant group 

The next step is to choose a name for the group. A tip can be to choose a name that makes it easy to remember which group it is, as you can invite several groups of participants to the same learning journey to be able to easily reuse material that you have created. Your participants will not be able to see the name of the group.

You also choose how to add your participants. If you choose to invite them yourself, you will need contact information for those you want to send the material to (email or phone number). If you choose for the participants to register themselves, a registration link is created which you can post on any platform / forum so that unknown participants can access the material. This function works well when you want to reach out with your training material to people you do not have contact information for.

In this step, you also have the opportunity to choose the date for when the training sessions will take place. The tool will then add the date for the training session in the timeline of the program. If you do not have a specific date for the training meeting yet, you can always add this afterwards.

Delivery method 

The next step is to choose the delivery method, ie how you want your training material to be sent out to the participants. Here you can choose to send out the material via text message or email, depending on what suits your audience best. 


Then the tool gives you the possibility to add the responsible trainer for the group. If you are more trainers you can add these. You can also choose to have reports with activity from the learning journey sent to you. All this information is also in the tool where you can always log in and see the participants' activity.


Now it's time to add participants. You can do this in four different ways. 

Alternative 1: 

You can add them one by one by entering your first and last name, email and mobile phone in the field below.

Alternative 2: 
If you have tagged existing users in a list you can add the list easily by clicking on " add from list". 

Alternative 3:

If you have a larger number of participants, you can instead import from excel, by clicking on the "import many participants" button. Here you can easily copy the participants' contact information from your excel sheet.

Alternative 4:
If you want to reuse a group from another learning journey, click on the "add from participant group" button. Then you will be able to invite a group of participants who are already in one of your other learning journeys.


Once you have added your participants, you will have the possibility to choose the date and time for your training material to be sent out. 

You select the date and time for your send-outs by clicking "change". Here you also have the option of sending a send-outs directly by selecting "send now". If you want to exclude an activity, you can choose "do not send". All schedule settings can be edited until it is sent and delivered. 

If you have not yet set a date and time for your learning journey activities, you can always easily schedule these at a later time. 


As a final step before adding your participants, the tool provides a summary of the settings you have selected. If everything looks good, click on "schedule" to add the participant group.

Good job!  You have now invited your group of participants to your learning journey. You will find the group and all participants' activity under the "participants group" tab in the view of the learning journey, as the picture below shows.