Individual learning journeys for onboarding

After a successful pre-boarding, it's finally time for the first day at the workplace, and the onboarding process begins. A successful onboarding makes the employee feel well-prepared and aware of the job. If this is your first onboarding, we will also provide examples of what a successful one can include and how you can use Knowly's individual learning journeys to succeed.
This article will explain what individual learning journeys for onboarding are and how you can use them.
Successful onboarding aims for your newly hired employee to feel welcome and prepared for their employment with you. The duration of onboarding may vary, but generally, the activities in onboarding are most frequent at the beginning and decrease towards the end. With the help of an onboarding program, you can ensure that all new employees receive the same information. When using Knowly's individual learning journeys, you can also provide information at equal intervals.
When developing an onboarding for your company, it is good first to think generally - what does every employee in my company need to know? It may include information about the company's history, vision, and organizational structure. Remember to include your soft values; what is your culture like? How do you prefer to communicate with each other? Do you have lunch in the office, or do you go out?
Knowly's individual learning journeys allow you to create an onboarding that is the minimum common denominator for the entire company and is sent out to all new employees. Then, you schedule the mailings based on an anchor date; we recommend the first day of employment. You then schedule the remaining mailings in intervals up to the anchor date.
Let's say a person starts with you on January 1st, the anchor date will be 1/1, and the first mailing will be sent on 1/1. When you schedule the remaining mailings, you do it in relation to the anchor date.

Tips for creating a good onboarding: 

  • A sustainable and scalable onboarding covers the minimum common denominator for all employees with you.
  • Involve the manager! With the help of Knowly, the onboarding can have a separate manager track where you can create activities targeted only to managers. With the help of these, you can get specific information across. For example, encourage the manager to introduce the employee to everyone on the team.