Individual learning journeys for pre-boarding

A pre-boarding is a simple but powerful way to stay in touch with your new employees before their first day at work. Pre-boarding starts when an employment contract is signed and ends when onboarding begins.

This article will explain individual learning journeys for pre-boarding and how you can use them. 

A good pre-boarding gives the employee a sense of appreciation and welcome. Through pre-boarding, you can strengthen the feeling that the person has made the right decision and create anticipation for the first day at the new workplace. In addition, you can provide helpful information by preparing the person for what will happen on the first day, providing a brief overview of how the workplace and the role work and informing them about the technology and programs they will be using. When creating a pre-boarding, focus on the opportunity to give a warm welcome. The person will be able to get to know their colleagues, gain an understanding of the work, and gradually reduce any nervousness they may feel before the first day.

Tips for creating a good pre-boarding: 

  • Keep the information brief, relevant, and positive. The new employee is likely to access the material on their phone. Therefore, avoid creating long text paragraphs and use images and videos instead. It should not feel like "work"!
  • Encourage the new employee to follow you on social media like LinkedIn. This is also an opportunity to establish personal contact.
  • You can inform about almost anything during pre-boarding, but try to find what makes your organization unique. If you are a team passionate about running and health, talk about your weekly workouts.
  • As the first-day approaches, inform them about the schedule. The more you share with the new employee, the less nervous they will be when entering the office.