What is individual learning journeys?

You have probably heard us talk about teacher trips before, but what are individual teacher trips in Knowly? For you to build pre-boarding, onboarding, or to be able to send out a learning journey on demand, we have made the ability to set a start date for the learning journey and then create a flow of dispatch based on that.

In this article, we will explain individual learning journeys and how to use them.

If you have previously built teacher trips in Knowly, you will recognize the concept of micro-training and other activities. What sets an individual learning journey apart is the ability to customize the schedule for each participant. As an administrator, you only put the schedule based on time intervals between dispatches rather than the date and time (i.e. when) the message should be sent.
Once you have completed your learning journey, choose a schedule based on an anchor date. An anchor date can be, for example, the first day at work or the day a person signs an employment contract. When you have chosen a date to start from, you give each activity a relationship to this. For example, activity one should be sent on the first day of work, activity two should be sent five days later, and so on.
With individual learning journeys, you can create a learning journey that several participants can take at different times. Once you have set up the learning journey schedule, there is minimal administration, and each participant gets a similar experience and time interval. Individual learning journeys are, therefore, perfect for onboarding and pre-boarding.

Individual learning journey for pre-boarding 

After you have signed a contract with your new employee, of course, you don't want it to be completely silent until the person starts. Maintain contact; it can be a good idea to build a pre-boarding learning journey to say those fun, informal and formal things before the employee's first day with you.
The purpose of a pre-boarding learning journey can be to fill in the gaps that may still exist after careful recruitment. Your new employee gets the chance to absorb information about you and your company calmly. Did the person not have an opportunity to meet all of the closest colleagues during the interviews? Record a video of them. Getting a face and a name for people you will be working closely with in the future does so much to dispel the nervousness before the first day.
Other good information to include in a pre-boarding learning journey can be more formal information about the equipment the person will receive in the workplace. If the employee will receive a phone and a computer, write it down! The person may want to keep their current phone number.
Already in pre-boarding, it can be a good idea to introduce the onboarding that will take place when the person is in place. A pre-boarding can briefly describe what will happen on the first day of the new job and in the coming weeks. 

Individual learning journey for onboarding 

Onboarding is essential for both the employer and the new hire, as it involves a lot of information that needs to be conveyed quickly. To make this process more manageable, it's a good idea to summarise all the information and break it up into micro-trainings within an onboarding journey.

An onboarding journey can help automate the company-wide information that every new employee needs to know. It can also encourage them to reflect and provide feedback or ask questions.

If you have any questions about individual learning journeys - don't hesitate to reach out to us!